Alle goeds uit Drenthe


A cheese to really enjoy from a young to a mature age with characteristic sweet notes.

This full fat 48+ cheese is extra creamy and made from Dutch meadow milk. Also available as a ‘clean label’ version (with no added colour or flavouring).

OLD 1895

Old 1895, made with passion in our Alteveer factory.

After years of refining the recipe, we know how to make a mature yet creamy, easy to slice Gouda cheese. A cheese with a powerful but pleasing taste, and containing ripening cheese crystals, of course.


Tastes change. We constantly produce new, distinctive and unusual flavour combinations for cheese lovers. Completely natural. Sometimes they’re regional, and sometimes they come from further afield. Like our Fenugreek, Mustard and Cumin cheese.

Always based on the purity of fresh Dutch meadow milk.

Alteveer Cheese

Alteveer is the label for a series of speciality cheeses. On 6 January 1896 the steam-powered dairy factory co-operative on Alteveerstraat in Hoogeveen received its first 1,100 litres of milk from its 108 affiliated farmers.

Therefore our name: Alteveer.
Deeply rooted in the beautiful, green, and peat-rich landscape of the provinces of Drenthe and Overijssel.

goude stempel

Always Alteveer

People change, and so do our tastes and dietary habits. Alteveer wants to continue to satisfy these taste preferences and habits. To keep up with the times we develop our own new cheese recipes, in collaboration with our taste experts.

The Alteveer factory is charming from the outside, with its national monument factory pipe, and inside it runs on state-of-the-art technology. Our cutting-edge production meets the highest certification standards.

Quality and well-being

Good products are the result of a good basis. At Alteveer, quality is more than just a word. Our focus is on the raw material, the product, the method, and conduct. In particular, we use meadow milk and we ripen our cheeses naturally.

Welfare for animals, people, and nature is at the heart of what we do. That’s why all our dairy farmers work with Cow Compass and Milk Compass. Working with Cow Compass optimises the well-being and health of the livestock.

Milk Compass stimulates the sustainability efforts of our member farmers with regards to milk, the environment, animals, and social responsibility. So we can contribute to natural well-being, continuity and quality of life and product.

Oude fotos

Generations of love for dairy

Cheese making is an art, a true craft. Most of our experts are colleagues who work or have worked ‘in cheese’ their whole lives. Dairy producers to the core. From first job until retirement. With experience, knowledge, friendship, and commitment.

Love for their trade. And you can feel it. In everyone.

Alteveer & Uniekaas

Alteveer develops and produces speciality cheeses which are sold by Uniekaas Holland.
Uniekaas Holland is a 100% subsidiary of DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH.

Alteveer Speciality cheeses

  • Cheeses from the farmlands of Drenthe
  • Five generations of craftmanship and a love of farming
  • New and tasty cheese recipes
  • 100% meadow milk. Naturally!
  • Welfare for animals, the environment, and people: Cow Compass and Milk Master

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